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Impeach Locally, Impact Nationally, Impact Globally  


Would you like to not have to worry about criminal incompetence by members of governments in the U.S.?


Would you like to know how to easily remove any member of any government that is oppressing freedom and fairness for all?

How about knowing how to remove members of governments in just months, not years-and-years, if at all?


Hi, my name is Eddie Peyer and I'm bringing to you the instructions on how to induce impeachments for the purpose of resolving grievances with members of governments.


Securing Freedom, Fairness, and Governments, using the Constitution of the United States: An Operations Manual


Contrary to popular belief, impeachments can be induced by the People at the local, county, state, federal, and U.S. levels of government. At first, it will take about four months to induce change, quits, impeachments, or removals. After experience is gained, just weeks.


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Well-Regulated following the Constitution of the United States
I've spent nearly all of 2014-2018 and well over 4800 hours researching and planning how to use the Constitution to induce impeachments. Eventually, I realized the Constitution is an extremely well-designed trojan horse document with the power of Securing Freedom and Fairness for All, no matter how much of a mess things are. When properly organized, the Constitution becomes a very detailed operations manual, something not taught in schools. The Founders were looking out for us and provided us with iron clad resolutions hidden throughout the Constitution! When you see them you're gonna be blown away!

Prior to this project, I owned a multi-city logistics company; built over 100 homes as a production home builder; provided management service for multiple Fortune 100 companies; Designed and Manufactured a product for the housing industry; Even owned a small advertising agency for a while. But I've also worked with custom car audio/video, been a lifelong auto mechanic, and many other jobs; However, Operations management is my profession.

To clarify my experience concerning the system of justice, as a minor I went to court on two occasions, once for experimenting with rockets and explosive items, and once for throwing water balloons. Arrested multiple times for marijuana before 21, and once for speaking up against an outright injustice. 


I've been arrested for an unpaid ticket in the middle of a work shift and been charged for made-up offenses during normal-life incedents, multiple times; Gotten a speeding ticket at the bottom of a long, steep, country road, and been told "You can beat the charge but your paying the fees"


I've dealt with child support, business and employment laws, and the IRS; Spent a day or a few in lock up, and more, here and there, but I've never been sentenced to time. I've gone through the immigration and citizenship process with my Brazilian wife and her parents. I'm informed on the processes of governments, to say the least.


Judge me how you like, this is about You.

This operations manual will make You the authority on inducing reform and removals of members of governments. You will guide them into changing their ways, or making them quit, or seeing to their removal. It's all the same repeating process, it's up to them how far it goes. They will also receive a copy of the book as part of the process, so they'll know they've robably already been beaten.

So, if you help me to complete this operations manual, this amazing guide for inducing impeachments 1-2-3, you can see that it's not that hard to secure freedom and fairness for all. Stop waiting and hoping for change every two or four years and let's make it happen NOW! Voting is for times of fairness, impeachments are for times of unfairness and corruption! They are exposed and the law is on our side.
Securing Freedom, Fairness, and Governments, using the Constitution of the United States: An Operations Manual


It would be great to get this operations manual released in November 2018


Preparations and actions are being made leading up to the November release. There is a GoFundMe set up for this phase, which also has more detailed information. Make sure to follow me on social media to stay updated.

The operations manual was not created on opinions, it was created on the facts within the Constitution, then outlined, graphed, and turned into step-by-step procedures. However, you will learn the Constitution in its true operational layout, a way seen only by a very few in history.


The Constitution and its tools of Impeachments are there for the People to resolve issues with members of governments. This book will allow the People to work collectively to induce impeachments and removals from office.


Until we address the members of governments who facilitate, fund, and enforce laws that disregard freedom and fairness, the current trends of injustice will continue the same as always. Blind compliance with corrupted systems only works to strengthen those corrupted systems.


In addition to showing step-by-step how to induce impeachments, this book also outlines how the Constitution works. Not the incorrect way taught in most schools and universities, but the correct way as outlined in the Constitution itself. You'll see the true purpose of the Government of the United States, and the delegated and limited powers of the members of that Government; The breakdown of the Rights, Powers, and Limitations of the People; And those of the States. The book even highlights where the dead ends exist for all laws or enforcement.


Every question of interpretation, States rights, individual rights, immigration, and "Can they really do that?" has already been answered by the Constitution. Nearly all of what you feel is an injustice, actually is an injustice, and probably a crime, and therefore correctable. Within months, changes and reforms can be created where there was once only oppression and control. We have way too much talent in the U.S. to allow incompetence and criminal actions to reside within our Governments.


This book is to be used by individuals, groups, and leaders of governments, so that they can:


- Systematically locate Treason and other impeachable Acts.

- Collect and Organize evidence so that it "points" to people.

- Process serve those identified on a repeating basis in order to induce change.

- Administration of change, quits, impeachments, and punishments.

- Restore proper voting processes and procedures.

- Induce lawful changes to the U.S. court system.

- Restore the lawful duties of those within the government of the United States.

- And other things.


Please pitch in today so that People across the States can see how to uphold and defend freedom and fairness, and the Supreme Laws regarding members of government!


Thank you,

Eddie Peyer


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